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czezz 07-20-2005 06:28 AM

trunk port in switch
My main switch is PLANET model FNSW-3200. Im going to buy 2nd switch and conect them together.
It is good idea to use "trunk port" to do that.

My current switch has no "trunk port".
The switch that im going to buy has "trunk port" (PLANTE FGSW4840S).

Does trunk port going to work when is connected to non-trunk port in another switch?
Or trunk port will only work when is connected to another trunk port ?

SebVT 07-21-2005 02:34 AM

If your switch ports are all in the same VLAN, e.g. if one of the switched is an unmanaged switch, then you don't need to use a trunk port. If you're not using VLANs, just link the switches using a standard port.

If you use .1q as your trunking protocol, it leaves frames from your native VLAN untagged (VLAN 1 on Cisco switches). Traffic from this VLAN *may* pass through a non-trunk port on the other switch, but traffic from all other VLANs won't.

i.e. unless both switches are capable of trunking, using the same trunking protocol, etc, don't use trunk ports.

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