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cyber-worx 04-19-2006 07:36 AM

True Mobile 1300 being evil
Hi Guys,

I have seen a number of posts regarding this issue and people have replied with generic wifi advice. Please dont reply to this unless you really think it relevant.

I have a dell true mobile 1300 card.

It is evil. Evil because quite often it will refuse to connect to AP's

I am using ndiswrapper version 1.11 as 1.13 is broken (using gentoo)

My issue is that my laptop will refuse to connect to a number of different access points.

Thankfully it works at home:

iwconfig wlan0 key open `cat ~/hkey`
iwconfig wlan0 essid SWAMR-54108

All is well, the card associates and I can do normal setup

However it simply refuses to associate with a number of AP's both open and wep'd.

no messages in dmesg etc.

Has anyone had experience of this ? Is it a known issue?

eg, to connect to the open ap : tsunami

first I run iwlist to make sure that it is in any cache the card/driver may have

iwlist wlan0 scan
finds and lists the AP fine...

then I set the essid:

iwlist wlan0 essid tsunami
nothing happens, iwconfig still says the essid is off/any

each time i try the activity light for the wifi comes on for a second or two and then drops off again.

Its driving me nuts!

Many Thanks,

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