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chem1 02-12-2004 09:53 PM

Trouble wih X Server: Could not load module. Read reason here
Hi All,
So I am back after a long time! And once again its the dreaded X Server.
Every two or three months it crashes and complains about either

Could not load module: pcidata


Could not load module: bitmap

This time I am having the problem with the bitmap module. Searching on the Net gave me the hint that the system tries to load the file libbitmap.a when it tries to load this module (and libpcidata in the other case). Now this file is located in:


So I try to cd into the fonts directory but , horrors upon horrors :eek: ,I get an I/O error. Interestingly enough the ls command does show the fonts diretory listed under modules.

Does anyone has any cluse why suddenly the fonts directory has become "inaccessible"

Thankx in advance....

tuxindia 02-13-2004 04:58 AM

Hi ,
the same problem occurs with me. it's only that when my X server used to crash there were many more modules that could not be loaded than what u have mentioned. But i have observed something , that the X-server used to crash after running KDE 3.1 only, so i switched to GNOME 2.4 and it has been working fine upto now. Which desktop do u use ? KDE or GNOME? try running the other one than the one you already use.

chem1 02-13-2004 09:15 AM

Well, The strange thing is that I upgraded to KDE 3.2 and the system ran OK for
a week or so and then crashed.
I am surprised that I cannot cd into the fonts directory. I have neevr seen that I/O error before

Keep me posted if you come up with something else,

Thankx in advance...

chem1 02-14-2004 09:06 PM

I found the solution at last.
Since Linuxcould not red the fonts directory therefore I ran fsck (it seems that you have to run the command and then reboot...its then that your system will be checked)
fsck will fix the problem and will delete the fonts directory.
Once onto the command line use apt-get upgrade and apt-get update to get the latest version of XFree86. Or else use rpm -e -f XFree86 to remove XFree86 and then reinstall it. SImply type startx at console and you are ready to go..

Hope that helps.....

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