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Pathian 01-07-2004 01:18 AM

Touchpad and USB mouse simultaneously?
I just made the switch from Redhat 9 to Mandrake 9.2 and I have a problem with my system. Under Redhat when I installed I had a USB wheelmouse plugged in which redhat recognized as an input device, but it also enabled my 3 button touchpad (leftclick, right click, and 2 way "scroll" button) on my laptop and thus I was able to use them interchangably when at my desk or on the go, or even use them simultaneously if I suddenly found a task that would be more suited to one device than the other. I had the same mouse plugged in when I installed Mandrake, but this time the touchpad was not recognized. I tried using Mandrake's mousedrake in the configuration utility but none of the drivers supplied seem to work. I looked under hardware and the system only lists usbmouse under mice. I don't have a backup of my old xfree config file to work from to try to figure things out. Is there some way to get it working again so that I can have both mice working at the same time? Thanks for the help.

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