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postiwala 01-31-2013 08:30 AM

Touch Panel Calibration
Hi All,

I have an Arm based board with Touch Panel (st1232-touchscreen) running Debian 6.
I am trying to configure the touch panel with Xorg server.
For that I added InputDevice section in xorg.conf file and pointed it to use "evdev" driver. The touch panel started using xorg server but I am facing problems in calibration.T he mouse pointer is not in sync with touch. I tried following options but no luck.

(1). Using xinput_calibrator doesn't detect any touch and application terminates after timeout.
(2). evtest detects touch and prints correct co-ordinates. When I include those X Y co-ordinates in xorg.conf file, the mouse pointer disappers upon touching it.
(3). Running xinput test and touching panel prints values as below. a[0] and a[1] always remain zero.
a[0] = 0, a[1] = 0, a[2]=256
a[0] = 0, a[1] = 0, a[2]=248
a[0] = 0, a[1] = 0, a[2]=269

I tried with tslib also but tslib is not able to detect the touch panel.

Please help.


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