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3x3cut0r 01-06-2007 01:17 PM

System freezes using Openchrome drivers

I've got Unichrome IPG/64MB graphic card in my laptop with VN800 chipset. I installed Openchrome drivers using on my Kubuntu DD.

Firstly, I got black screen. So I added <Option "ForcePanel"> into device section in xorg.conf and also commented <load "dri"> in xorg.conf and this way I got into kdm to login...but after login, everything freezes and I couldn't do anything but turning off my laptop (and changing back to vesa). What am I supposed to do?

Little point: I'm also not able to install a lot of distributions even with failsafe settings...installation freezes similarly...hard-reset is necessary :(

I tried without success:
Kubuntu EE
Debian 3.1r4 sarge (net installation)
OpenSuse 10.2

I tried with success:
Arch Linux (some small ftp installation)
Kubuntu DD (currently have)

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