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velosapien 11-24-2005 01:38 AM

Suse Linux 9.2 and KVM switch
Hello All - I am a newbie so please do be gentile. I am running two machines on a Belkin Omni View SE2-port KVM switch. I am running an XP machine and a machine with Suse Linux 9.2 Professional. When I boot up the linux machine everything is fine, but if I switch between the linux machine and the xp machine and come back everything on the Linux machine's display goes crazy. The mouse jumps around and windows open. I found some threads about similar problems in this forum, but due to probable lack of experience, I was unable to implement the solutions provided. Thank you in advance for the help.


p.s. The KVM switch utilizes PS-2 connectors and I am using a logitech Cordless Mouse Man Optical Mouse, and Logitech Cordless keyboard.



paulsm4 11-25-2005 10:25 AM

I had a similar problem with my Linksys KVM, and I fixed it by purchasing the most "vanilla" PS2 mouse I could find (a simple 2-button "Micro" mouse; I think it cost about $5.00).

Just a thought .. PSM

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