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Chequah 05-11-2005 12:16 PM

Suse 9.2 and Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 ?
I am using Suse 9.2 Pro, my video card is an Asus V9520 GeForce 5200 TD 256 MB DDR. My monitor is a KDS XF 7b XFlat 17' CRT, Suse keeps asking for the X/Y display size in mm, I have searched all of my documentation and can't find these anywhere. Anyone have any ideas where else to look ?
Also my Geforce graphics card supports multiple monitors, Sax2 only recognizes a single monitor, how do I get my second monitor online ?
And finally after I update the Nvidia drivers to support 3D acceleration,
every time I shut down my machine I get a zig zag pattern of light and dark orange bars for about twenty seconds until my machine shuts down.
Is this hurting anything and is there a way to stop it ?

Thanks alot...

paul.hugill 05-11-2005 05:32 PM

The X/Y dimensions are just the actual size of the screen in mm. X along the bottom and Y up the side. Just measure it with a tape measure or ruler. Configure it in Sax2 and make sure whenever you change the display settings test it before you click save.

You probably need to have the second monitor plugged in to get your system to set it up. In Sax2 I think there is some options for dual head or something. Can't say its something ive had a go with so good luck with that. Shouldnt be too hard.

Havnt got enough experience to comment on the 3rd thing though. I cant imagine it would do any harm but you can always just turn the monitor off before it does it.

Chequah 05-11-2005 06:12 PM

Thanks for your help. The X & Y thing is easy enough. Tried setting up multihead in Sax2 and tested my config. Had to rescue both times. Xserver wouldn't restart after configuring second monitor.
Just playing around while i'm waiting on 9.3. Will see how it works then...

Thanks again

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