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ejj 12-08-2003 12:07 PM

Suse 9.0 and monitor settings
Is there a way I can force SUSE to use the resolution and refresh rates that I want for my monitor beyond what's listed as available settings in SAX2?

I know that sounds a bit sketchy but bear with me. My monitor is obviously in its death throes. For certain resolutions and refresh rates (that are well within it's acceptable capacity) the screen is either wavy or shaky. It even happens during the BIOS loading screens! I found that under windows I could find certain resolution and rate settings where the image was still solid, but in SUSE it would seem SAX2 knows better than me and I can't get the refresh rates I want and need. I'm just trying to keep this thing alive until I can take advantage of some post christmas sales.

Is there a configuration file I can edit to achieve the desired settings.

Oh, and yes SUSE has correctly identified my monitor and graphics card, and yes I have tried other cards and other machines. It is most definitely a monitor that's going bad. The weird part is that it's the lower refresh rates that cause problems. At 75 or 85 Hz everything is good, but at 70 or below everything is pretty hideous. SAX2 only wants me to run at 68Hz.

rberry88 12-08-2003 12:28 PM

You could edit the XF86Config file on your own. When I installed Suse I had similar problems except it didn't detect my monitor correctly but correctly detected my videocard and still wouldn't display correctly. What I did was edit the XF86Config file to use the "vesa" driver instead of the "ATI" driver that it insisted on using. After I was able to boot into a nice graphical environment then I downloaded and installed the ATI drivers from ATI's website and everything works like it should now.


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