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bayonetblaha 02-09-2006 06:16 PM

strange behavior from a USB HD
I've got a 160GB Lacie USB2 hard drive that's acting in a very peculiar manner, and I wonder if anyone has any theories. It will only connect occasionally, and only if I turn it on while disconnected and THEN plug it in to the laptop. Did the same thing on windows, and it seems to be getting worse. I'm puzzled.

Electro 02-09-2006 07:19 PM

If it is not under warrenty, open up the enclosure and connect it to an IDE controller. Next download the hard drive utility from the hard drive manufacture. If the utility say it is good, then it is probably the power supply is getting bad. However even if the hard drive utility say it is good, it is better to get a new hard drive just in case.

bayonetblaha 02-10-2006 12:26 AM

nah, I don't even have access to a windows machine at this point. I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with hard drives to the point where they could tell me what's going on to some degree of certainty. I haven't been able to connect it in a couple of days, so maybe it's dead...

Electro 02-10-2006 03:59 PM

The information that you gave is not enough for me or others to figure out what the problem is.

bayonetblaha 02-10-2006 04:30 PM

I guess there's not much more I could say... occasionally the hard drive will be recognized correctly, or at least it used to. Windows used to frequently pop up a bubble telling me that the USB device wasn't recognized. The hard drive does not connect at all now, though it did work several times with linux a few days ago. Now I plug it in after turning it on, like I used to, and nothing happens- Ubuntu just pretends like nothing ever happened.

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