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kiljoy001 07-14-2004 06:12 AM

Sony MPD-AP20U - Can I use this to install linux with to a laptop ?
I just brought this : Dell Latitude LS
for my laptop. I noticed that It didn't have a cd rom drive & it comes with no OS, so I wanted to use this as my cd rom drive: Sony MPD-AP20U
My beef is I don't want to buy this thing and find out I can't do crap i.e. boot off of it to install linux (as I am not savy enough to do some kind of remote install...well not yet anyway) with it (I don't have it yet) also I don't want to buy a an external media (drive) crap that will cost me extra bucks & won't work in my winboxes. The device uses USB 2 as it's main interface... Good or Bad idea ?

I now realise this is in the wrong forum, but any help would be awesome.

ilikejam 07-19-2004 10:50 AM


According to this:
your cd writer is bootable, so that's good.

You'll have to check the BIOS of your laptop (usually hold down del as it boots) to see if it can boot from USB cd drives (if it's a recent laptop it should). If it can, then you're good to go.


kiljoy001 08-05-2004 04:29 AM

Too bad
It didn't work. dell bios does not allow for that option. Trying to do a network install with debian. I hope it works.

alex_mayorga 08-13-2006 02:22 AM

Can it be done by using floppy first?
I have same drive and would like to try a distro on my CPxJ, my case is different because I have a floppy drive that is bootable. Is there a micro linux of some sort that I can load on a floppy and from there load an run a Live CD or installer from the Sony MPD-AP20U plugged in an USB port?

kiljoy001 did you managed to do it via network? if so, can you please share how?

Thanks in advance,

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