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trebek 08-22-2005 02:52 AM

Oh man, that sounds really neat, problem is, i wouldn't know where to start, of course. However, it sure sounds like the next thing to do as soon as i at least can fetch everything from my card inside the camera. Dude, thanks for the help, most helpfull. :)

Simon Bridge 08-22-2005 03:37 AM

1. make yourself a user account
2. edit your user groups so you are a member of the wheel group (so you can sudo).

get back to me

trebek 12-07-2006 11:59 PM

I got it working, kubuntu came with an app to do this. I know have no problems at all.

Thanks man. I learned some other stuff while researching for all these things.

Simon Bridge 12-08-2006 04:08 AM

That was a while!

Do you still do everything logged in as root?

You know - FC4 comes with gphoto, and gphoto will automagically handle your camera. (It'll call it something else, but who cares.) There have been a lot of advances since we were last talking about this (2005).

trebek 12-08-2006 09:48 AM

I am no longer doing things as root!!! I have learned so much since then. You have no idea how many problems and research i've done on this and many other issues. To learn, you need to have problems and mess things up.

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