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bruceam 03-24-2011 03:01 PM

SmartStor NS4300N Root Access
I have added a Promise Technologies SmartStor NS4300N Network Attached Storage device to my network. I have gone through all of the setup, and managed to get everything configured the way I want it, that is until I started to use it. I could copy files onto the NAS directory which I had mounted to a specific local directory, but I couldn't copy directories. I have since found out that my UID on my main Debian is 1000, where as the UID for the corresponding Username and Password on the NAS is 1002. Here, I believe, is where the permission issues lie.

Question: Does anyone know how I can modify the UID for a given Username and Password on the SmartStor NS4300N. I suspect that I will need root access on the SmartStor for this, but I don't have it.

Question: Does anyone know how to gain Root Access to the directories on a SmartStor NS4300N/?

Question: Does anyone know of an alternative solution to this problem?

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