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LegionOfHell 11-11-2020 11:04 AM

Should I calibrate my 2-in-1's batteries ?
I own a Dell Latitude 5175, recently I bought a brand new keyboard which has a built-in battery...

Under Linux, My 5175's battery's health is 93%(it was 98% like a month ago), and the keyboard's battery's health is at 97%...Here is a photo:

(0) Why did the main battery's health go from 98% to 93% over a month ? is it natural ?
(1) Should I do a calibration ?
(2) Should I worry about changing the battery that has 93% health ?
(3) At what health percentage should I worry about changing the batteries ?

sgosnell 11-11-2020 12:30 PM

All batteries degrade over time. There is no way to prevent it. I wouldn't worry about it, and change the battery when the useful time is less than what you're willing to accept.

rtmistler 11-12-2020 09:28 AM

(0) What gives you the impression that this health monitor result is of any worth? Natural? No, I'd say a battery's performance would degrade over time and not necessarily rapidly, but also I'm unaware of any general purpose application which could properly assess anything representing battery health. I submit that a battery manufacturer would have means to test their products to ascertain the projected MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), but it would not be a general application and instead one which accounted for the chemistry used and the design of their product. Meaning some highly internal/proprietary test code they wrote, for their own manufacturing test purposes.

(1) What or who gave you the idea that any battery can be 'calibrated'?

(2) Nope, instead worry about replacing a battery if it illustrates to you that it doesn't work too well. Like it lasts for minutes or 1/2 hour as opposed to a few hours.

Caveat: Is it worth doing? Can the battery be easily replaced without risking the integrity of the system? Do you largely use this plugged in anyways? Are replacements very old and only available via eBay or random places? And what do they cost, as in is that even worth doing? Or ... is it under warranty?

(3) See answer for (0), I do not believe health percentage is a thing.

onebuck 11-12-2020 10:37 AM

Member Response

I would let the battery drain and then do a recharge to see if it will get to an increased value. As to the keyboard battery, you do not know how long the unit was on the shelf and temperature control of the storage. Replace the keyboard battery with a known good battery to see if that changes things.

I agree with other members that you will have no means to calibrate but try the discharge/recharge cycle. You can look at the manufacture date for the battery to see the age.

Hope this helps.
Have fun & enjoy Gnu/Linux!

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