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codec 07-19-2005 07:44 AM

Shall I get a AMD64 o un mac mini?
I am getting sick of this new PC mainly because sis741 doesn't work well in linux. SiS video is buggy and I can't get a low profile nVidia video card yet. I think I would help a poor friend selling this 3 months PC really cheap.

== what I do normally ==
* web programming, using my PC as a server
* watch video (with mplayer because of better rendering)
* fooling around in LQ, ubuntuforums and IRC
* Basically, I don't play any 3d games, although I like the xscreensaver

== problems I get ==
* made for IE home page (I am too lazy to boot into winXP)
* ubuntu's mplayer pre6 have problems with some videos
* I am tired about windows and start feeling bored with linux
* heat, I use a antec mATX case, the sempron 2200+ is at 60C and the board is at 50C. It's summer and I don't like it.

== what I want ==
* video and sound that work without problems
* basic 3D capacity
* I want it cheap
* a PC that is rather quiet
* good HDD capacity, 120G is ok for now
* portability is an option, not a must. If there is one notebook computer that work with ubuntu without any troubles, it should be ok
* I like power saving

= OK, what should I get? =
* an AMD64 PC?
(probably running in IA32 until IA64 is good enough)
* a mac mini with 512MB ram, 80G HDD?
(So I may dual boot tiger and ubuntu)
* a cheap notebook?
* any opinion would be welcomed

codec 07-19-2005 10:38 AM

I've read that only yellow dog linux work. However, I have decided that I would try mac mini. I really hate big and probably noisy PC. At least I would get a unix like environment.

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