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nmoog 10-28-2007 04:57 AM

Setting up TV-out on a PCTV tuner card
I have an old Pinnacle PCTV tuner card that I'm using in a MythBuntu setup. The card works fine for capturing TV, but I'd also like to use the TV-out port it has to plug in to the tele...

I've been searching for information on how to do this, but most information I've found relates to getting graphics cards outputs to work (which seems like it's mostly a case of "it just works")

Could anyone suggest where I might look for this kind of info? Would I need to add a new section to the xorg.conf for the TV-tuner, and tell X to use that? Or should "it just work"/can't ever work? Is there any way to "force" it to try and use the tv-out port?

I seem to remember getting this working once-upon-a-slackware install, but I may have dreamed that.

Thanks for your help!

lazlow 10-29-2007 01:49 PM

Most of those cards do not have TV-out(yours may be the exception). They do have TV-in (usually svhs) for capturing from a Vcr or camera.

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