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Optimistic 10-31-2006 08:01 AM

Set up Xorg for 2 Monitors (not at same time)
Hey all!

So, I've got this TV that has a Monitor-In and I would like to hook my Computer up to my Monitor for everyday use, but then switch to the TV for movies and such---I figure I'll use a KVM switch for this so I don't have to unplug things all the time.

Anyway, my TV does not support my Monitor's resoluiton (1440x900), the TV wants 1360x768. So, any good way to do this? So I could maybe just run a xrandr command to switch Monitors?


I tries adding 1360x768 to my Monitor section of xorg, but it didn't show up as an option when I ran xrandr with no arguments.

cdhgee 10-31-2006 10:11 AM

xrandr support varies by driver. If you're using the radeon driver you should be ok, but you'll need to add the supported modes in using the MetaModes option in the device section. Check the radeon man page for details.

For other drivers, I'm not sure but I'd expect something similar.

Optimistic 10-31-2006 12:58 PM

I've got Nvidia drivers, but it looks like that supports MetaModes---I'll do some testing and report back.

Update: No luck so far...

Perhaps some more details. What I have:

A desktop PC with Debian Linux that is hooked to a KVM Switch. The switch is hooked to my Monitor (1440x900) and a TV (1360x768). I want a way to change resolution on the fly so I can hit the button for the TV on the KVM switch and watch stuff on the bigger screen.

Any ideas? I think the setup might be similar to setting up a projector on a laptop.

cdhgee 11-04-2006 05:23 AM

Well here's an extract from my xorg.conf - I'm using the radeon driver, but it might give you some inspiration.


Section "Device"

    # when I start X.  The ranges are taken from DDC values of the CTX monitor
    # I use at the office; as listed in Xorg.log.
    # The next line lets me switch between dual-head and several clone modes
    # of varying resolutions with xrandr.
        Identifier  "Radeon 9200"
        Driver      "radeon"
        Option      "DynamicClocks" "on"
        Option      "DDCMode" "on"
    # This allows X to use MergedFB if the external monitor is not connected
        Option      "MetaModes" "1680x1050 1280x1024 1024x768 800x600 640x480"
        BusID      "PCI:1:0:0"

Hope this helps.


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