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thallium 10-19-2012 06:46 PM

Server with low energy use and personal file storage
So I am thinking about getting something that is cheaper energy wise and would like some recommendations.

Here is what I have right now (I picked this up for $30 just to test the waters):
Dell Precision 670, 650 W power supply, Xeon Processor, 2GB RAM
Has SCSI Raid 0 & 1
Has SATA 1.5 Raid 0 & 1

I liked the idea of putting the OS and webpages on the SCSI, having it on a RAID in case of failure and putting my less accessed, more numerous files on the larger SATA drives. But is there a better, newer, smaller, cheaper way?

What will my server be used for? It will serve files to family members as we organize pictures, music, etc. Maybe 5-10 people may have access via SSH. It will also serve as a wiki for organizing some research projects using mediawiki, again 5-10 people. I will also be using it for my own personal web development projects. 95% of the activity for the machine will hopefully take place remotely, that last 5% will just be me backing up the machine locally and for other maintenance items, hard drive failures... :-(

So what am I asking for in general? How much does it cost to run a personal server, electricity wise, per month? Also, does anyone have a cheaper recommendation then this Dell that will give me a reliable

PS: I'm a newbie at this, so there may be dedicated server options that may solve my problems, but I like the challenge of building this server and having my own little space on the internet to do things, 24/7. Plus I have learned a great deal over the past week, and would like to continue to learn more about linux.

JaseP 10-19-2012 07:40 PM


thallium 10-19-2012 07:48 PM

Thanks! Looks like I need to get a cheaper running machine or find a way to bath it in oil. I think this Dell will cost >>$300/year to keep running.

jefro 10-20-2012 12:48 PM

Pretty good system for $30.

Pretty lousy at energy. I'd get some other way more efficient system. You may be kind on the $300/year electric cost too. My cost is 19 cents/kwh and I have to air condition it part of the year.

$400 might get you a NAS that will use 20 watts ish.

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