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fsb1284 02-23-2009 10:12 AM

Seiko DPU-5400 Thermal Printer

I just bought a Seiko DPU-5400 from a local Circuit City's liquidation sale. It was part of their POS system, used to print the customer's receipt (yes, I got some Circuit City receipt tape with it, too :cool:).

So what? I thought I would make a project out of it, whipping up a driver for it and finding some compatible Seiko thermal labels to put together an inexpensive labeling machine. As you can see in the PDF above, it can connect via parallel or serial cable and has an automatic cutter. I am currently running Ubuntu Intrepid on a system with parallel and serial ports.

My question to those interested is this: is this unrealistic? Suggestions from those with CUPS printer driver experience would be appreciated. Perhaps I will be able to cobble together something from existing drivers, or use an existing driver unmodified?

Thank you!

farslayer 02-23-2009 10:28 AM

I wonder if one of the current Sieko drivers would work..


slap is a UNIX print-driver program for all models of Seiko Instruments' Smart Label Printer .

Seiko Instruments do not provide software or drivers for UNIX platforms. But I do!

The current release of slap is 2.4.4, dated 9th February 2001.
Kinda old, but.. it's a starting point if nothing else.

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