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freelancer42 12-26-2006 06:38 AM

SCSI tape drive not found
I have Slackware 10.1 with a compaq SCSI-controller recognized as "Unknown mass storage controller: Compaq Computer Corporation Smart-2/P RAID Controller", and an attached DDS2 tape drive. The latter, however, is not recognized. /proc/scsi/scsi shows no attached devices and neither /dev/tape nor /dev/st0 exist. I'm rather new to this whole SCSI thing so I'd apprieciate any help you can give me.

*edit* I'm using kernel, and the tape drive has a "TERMINATOR ON" jumper, which is on.

kaz2100 12-26-2006 09:58 AM


I am sure you have appropriate kernel options. Also, do you find any suspicious output on syslog and/or message (dmesg)?

Happy Penguins!

freelancer42 12-26-2006 11:02 AM

I wouldn't know about kernel options, since I don't really know what I'm looking for. When searching in menuconfig for "tape" I found "SCSI tape drive support for Smart Array 5xxx", and that's enabled. The only relevant part of the dmesg output is this:
Compaq SMART2 Driver (v 2.6.0)
cpqarray: Device 0xae10 has been found at bus 2 dev 0 func 0
cpqarray: Finding drives on ida0 (SMART-2SL)

It doesn't seem to find any device attached to the controller :confused:

kaz2100 12-26-2006 12:16 PM


One step ahead. Can 'lspci' or 'lshw' detect your hardware? (Also, check documentation in kernel.)

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freelancer42 12-26-2006 12:34 PM

lspci finds the SCSI controller: 02:00.0 Unknown mass storage controller: Compaq Computer Corporation Smart-2/P RAID Controller (rev 03)

lshw: command not found

kaz2100 12-26-2006 02:55 PM


Probably, about 90% of chance, problem is "Unknown mass....". This should be recognized. However, I have my functioning network chip is recognized as unknown...

By the way, is anything attached to /dev/ida0 ?,v

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freelancer42 12-26-2006 03:33 PM

As far as I know, it's supposed to be recognized as Unknown. I'm sure I read that somewhere when installing the driver.

/dev/ida0 does not exist, /dev/ida/c0d0 does though.

kaz2100 12-26-2006 04:22 PM


It seems nothing is attached to that device file. I am sure that you had no trouble when installing driver.

Usually "lshw" can give me (hopefully you) more info. You can find it at:

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freelancer42 12-26-2006 05:16 PM

lshw reports this about the controller:
description: Unknown mass storage controller
product: Smart-2/P RAID Controller
vendor: Compaq Computer Corporation
physical id: 0
bus info: pci@02:00.0
version: 03
width: 32 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: storage bus_master
configuration: driver=cpqarray latency=0
resources: ioport:d000-d0ff iomemory:e1000000-e10000ff iomemory:d0000000-d7ffffff irq:11

Nothing about a tape drive though.

kaz2100 12-27-2006 11:10 AM


My penguin broke (I assume disk died..) so I am using the other penguin...

It seems that hardware is recognized as supposed to be, and cpqarray is attached. Can you find "cpqarray" somewhere else in lshw output?

I assume that your scsi is configured correct. check scsi part of lshw and driver is attached. Another good way is connect USB memory.

Happy Penguins!

freelancer42 12-27-2006 01:28 PM

Sorry about your penguin. Trust me, I know how it feels.

cpqarray doesn't show up anywhere else on the lshw output, and scsi doesn't actually show anywhere. Mounting a USB thumbdrive works fine though.

kaz2100 12-27-2006 03:41 PM


Okey, now you have something to start.

I assume that your tape will be attached through scsi,
something like below should show up somewhere in lshw. (I am using 2.6.15, I think 2.6.16 is same. I heard that 2.6.18 is not, although it may be incorrect)

      physical id: 2
      bus info: scsi@1
      logical name: scsi1
      capabilities: scsi-host
      configuration: driver=whatever <- this will be something else

So that, problem is most likely at either scsi support, or cpqarray. As your USB stick goes well, scsi is likely to be okey...
I just checked sourceforge, and cpqarray is a kind of old...
Anyway, check these two...

It should not be difficult...
Happy Penguins!

freelancer42 12-27-2006 04:21 PM

SCSI support is enabled in the kernel, and so is cpqarray. I'm gonna try to get a hold of another SCSI controller from a friend, and see if that works. Thanks for your help so far.

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