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Vizion 04-07-2005 01:06 PM

Rugged Tablet support - Hp Tr 3000 -GoBook
I want to install Linux on this Tablet keyboardless Tablet pc. Information on the Tablet can be found at the itronix website (look under GoBook (model 300)). For those not familiar with Tablets this means I need to:
1. Be able to activate and use the pressure sensitive touchscreen (wacom) as:
(a) mouse
(b) virtual keyboard
2. Use both 1a & 1b for installation, boot & login.
3. It would be practicle to use an external usb keyboard for initial installation but operational conditions preclude the use of a physical keyboard in normal use.
4. This means the virtual keyboard has to replace all the functions of a physical keyboard.
5. I could post an image of the virtual keyboard which MS$ use for XP tablt edition.
6. Most tablets also have rotation support for both portrait and landscape operations.
7. The Wacom serial Tablet pen is managed via an Intel(R) 82801CAM LPC Interface Controller.
8. Intel(R) 82801CAM LPC Interface Controller - 248C also provides the hardware for the rotate driver.
9. The mouse device also operates via the Tablet pen.
10. This rugged tablet is equipped with integral wireless lan, usb 2, lan & blue tooth.
11. My primary purpose is using this unit at sea for naviation, logging, interfacing with radiocommunication devices, and for ontrol purposes. I would love to be able to move away from MS$

David Southwell

david_ross 04-09-2005 08:04 AM

There is support for some wacom devices but there are different variations.

To get more specific details about your system it would help if you could use an external usb keyboard and mouse and boot the system with a live cd such as knoppix. Once booted run the following commands and let us see the output:
lspci -vn
cat /proc/interupts

It should help in determining the specifics of the device.

Vizion 04-09-2005 10:22 AM

Thanks very much - I have just ordered a new 80G drive for this Tablet when it arrives.I will follow your suggestion and post the results.


Vizion 04-10-2005 11:46 AM


For anyoneelse who is interested in this topic I have just found out that IMG are working on support for Linux and other **ix systems. I am trying to get some more information and will report back.


Vizion 04-12-2005 11:40 PM

For those who are interested there has been the following posting on one of mailists from Alan Coopersmith of Sun X-window engineering giving some very helpful information; He says:

You might want to look at GOK - the GNOME Onscreen Keyboard, which while it
was developed for accessibility uses, has also been put to good use in other
environments, such as touchscreens, and has been used with gdm to provide a
login screen.

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