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Woodsman 09-07-2009 05:13 PM

RF Wireless Keyboard and Mice Recommendations
I'm building an HTPC. I welcome recommendations for an RF wireless keyboard and mouse.

I have one keyboard with a built-in trackball mouse (Adesso). The keyboard layout is non-traditional and plays havoc with my mind. The trackball mouse is awful. More often than is acceptable to me, key presses do not get transmitted, although right now the keyboard is only 12 inches away from the USB receiver.

I don't like trackpads.

I'm thinking the Logitech LX7 looks like a decent candidate. I haven't decided on a keyboard. I want a standard keyboard layout. Multimedia keys are nice, but the basic keyboard layout must be standard. :)

As always, thanks much.

kslen 09-07-2009 05:22 PM,no

I'm using this one and I'm quite happy with it even though it isn't the most elegant of the lot. I haven't spent much time on trying to do this in Linux as the box it is connected to atm is running Windows, but the capability to encrypt the signal from the keyboard is available.

I'm using it with no problem 4m away from the reciever. Do be creative in the placement of the reciever though, what you may think is optimal isn't always so. Currently mine is standing up on its side and pointing towards the windows in my flat and I have a perfect signal. If I point the reciever directly at the keyboard it doesn't register at all. :)

Edit: Oh, and it works perfectly out of the box on my Slackware machines as well. ^^

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