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CloudBuilder 11-02-2003 12:14 PM

Replace HD

At this moment I have a system containing 2 HD's a DVD/rw and a cdr.
The system is running double boot (Winme and Suse 8.2)

Hard disk are Primary 60 GB - 1 partition VFAT32 with Win me
Secondary HD 40GB - 1 data partition VFAT32(hdb1) - 1 Partition swap (hdb2) - 1 partition REISERFS (hdb3) Suze 8.2

I want to replace the HD in the following way.

HDA is replaced by a new 120GB HD
HDB is replaced by HDA

As far as I know my MBR is on HDA

The problem is this MBR . I have doubt if I can copy the thing to the new drive (they are not equal in size) . Am I right ?

So I thought doing the next.

1. Install a MBR (windows) on the new drive.(HDA)
2. Copy the windows partition to the new drive.(Drive is formatted VFAT32)
3. If I start up then I can only start windows, but I can use my rescue cdr to reinstall GRUB again.
4. If this works, I can use partition magic to copy the old partitions from hdb to their new location.

Are my assumptions correct? Or should I do also something with the MBR on the second drive?
Is it perhaps better to copy the partitions in step 4 with SUSE ? Can I make partitions and just copy the whole thing, with one of the copy commands?

Any comment or advise is welcome.

Thank you.


kilgoretrout 11-03-2003 02:26 AM

I haven't used PM in a while but last time I checked, it didn't support reiserfs. If that's the case you can use a free tool called partimage. See this link on how to use it and where to download the bootable cd iso file:

After doing the windows install on the new drive, image your 40GB hard drive partitions to your new drive; put in your old 60GB drive, repartition and restore the partitions with partimage. To do the restore with partimage, the partitions you create have to be the same size or greater than the original partitions.

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