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neylitalo 08-02-2004 11:08 AM

RedHat 9 PS/2 mouse on serial port: not working
I have a RedHat 9 system with kernel 2.4.20, and a PS/2 mouse on a Serial adapter. It doesn't work. I tried editing XF86config, changing the mouse protocol to IMPS/2, but no luck. I originally installed it with a Serial mouse, but the mouse died. I also tried reinstalling it with the PS/2 mouse on the Serial adapter, but no luck there, either. Any help greatly appreciated.


rjtucke 09-05-2004 04:33 PM

PS/2 mouse w/ serial port-> help needed
Am seeing same problem.
Setup: Slack 10 w/ kern. and 2.6.7. Also Win2Ksp2.
Have tried 2 different working PS/2 mice on my serial port with adapter.
No go under any permutation of hardware, OS.
Yes, BIOS and kernel have serial enabled.

BTW, I am doing this so I can get a 13-year old friend his first working linux setup.
Help would be much appreciated!

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