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kaka 06-24-2002 01:57 PM

redhat 7.3 and intel HaM modem
i have recently installed redhat 7.3 on my system. i am having trouble setting up my modem (intel/ambient HaM modem). did somebody else also experience such a problem with RH 7.3 and the particular modem? if so how did u resolve the issue?
the modem worked fine in RH 7.2 before and is still working fine under windows.

i have tried the steps mentioned in the compressed file containing the driver which worked for RH7.2 but dont work for RH 7.3. i am using windows on my system at this time but i can post the exact details if someone would like to read the errors.

also although im not exactly new to linux (about 2-3 yrs light usage) but im still not as fluent as in windows. so it might need a little more explanation for me to follow some steps. any and all help would be most appreciated.


Noerr 06-26-2002 12:11 PM


crosy_23 12-25-2002 09:42 PM

modem problem intel ham/ambient MD5628-L-B
hey kaka
From where did you download the driver for redhat7.2. Tell me webpage name also give me driver name. Also If you know there are drivers on the intel site. try looking for the driver on the intel site

There is a only one modem available for the redhat7.3 on that site that is

driver chip number:Intel-v92ham-451-R73.tgz
MD5628D-L-B |

Linux drivers and sample compiled binary for Red Hat 7.3 for MD5628-L-B chip
Check this out . It's not working with my linux box .

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