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Giallo998 11-15-2003 02:12 AM

Red Hat 9 / FasTrack100Lite raid
I'm trying to get redhat to use the onboard raid with the two WD120Gig drives I have installed, but setup see's both drives individually. I have a Soyo K7V Dragon+ that has the promise Fastrack100lite raid built in. From looking around on here it sounds as this is not truley a raid card, but just an emulator that doesn't have any real gains in speed. Is this the case? I would like to get redhat to boot off of the raid 0 setup if possible. I tried to do the software raid in RH9 setup, but it said that it had to be done on one drive, and couldn't set up the two drives in a raid. Doesn't that make it fairly pointless to do raid 0 on one drive? I looked through the site, and most of the posts related to this just made my head spin further into confusion. Any help would be greatly appreciated by this newbie. Thanks in Advance. Nick

Soyo K7V Dragon +
Athlon XP1900+
512Mb Kensington
(2) WD 120 Gb
WD 100 Gb

Red Hat 9 (w/raid headache)

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