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guerilla fighta 03-02-2003 04:44 PM

recommened NICs
Can anyone recommend me a good linux/windoze compatible NIC card?


acid_kewpie 03-02-2003 05:00 PM

absolutely ANYTHING base don a realtek 8139 chip.

guerilla fighta 03-02-2003 05:12 PM

Im pretty new to networking, so i dont suppose anyone could name some NICs ?

Which brands base their NICs on RealTek 8139 chips?

I was thinking of maybe getting a US Robotics NIC? I heard that NICs compatible with some Novell standard are good to use with Linux ??

Tinkster 03-02-2003 06:54 PM


compatible with some Novell standard
That would be NE2000 ...

However, those are somewhat outdated,
and mostly dearer than RealTek ones...


bax 03-02-2003 10:30 PM

Anything 3Com or Intel branded.

guerilla fighta 03-03-2003 01:43 AM


FredrikN 03-03-2003 02:11 AM

realtek 8139to work perfect for me with a lot of distros like, Debian,Slack and Suse.

acid_kewpie 03-03-2003 05:09 AM

from my experience, MOST cheap nics are based on 8139's at the moment, the support is so stable, you don't need a specific brand, so you'll save a lot of money.

as you get used to linux, you'll find that brands mean less and less as you go along, as it's only the chipset that matters. now i could easily spend 30 on a 3com NIC, but i've never spent more than 8 and never ever let down at all...

Tinkster 03-03-2003 12:37 PM

Same here Chris :)

My last few NIC's were no name Realteks
for 17NZ$ :} that's about 9 US$ ...
how many pounds? :)


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