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raminolta 01-20-2004 03:21 PM

recommendation on photo printers and general purpose printers
I really know little about printers and now i need to buy one: I would like to buy a photo printer and i would like to know your opnion on the following:

1- Which photo printers (in terms of brand & models) are best supported under Linux and Mandrake in particular? I mean to have the most functionality of the printer .

2- I also need a general purpose printer for printing .dvi, .ps, .pdf and office documents formats. Which printer (brand & model) is then recommended?

3- The best for me is a printer that can do both jobs. Is there such a printer available?

Any comment is appreciated. I should say that i am not sure if i can simply trust the available hardware support databases. I think hearing about real experiences would more helpful for me.

Thanks, Ramin :Pengy:

di11rod 01-21-2004 01:22 AM

wrong forum
Not to be a complete jerk here, but this is the Mandrake Distro forum. The topics here are focused on issues specific to Mandrake.

Your post would probably receive a better response in the Hardware forum. Mandrake doesn't really have any proprietary features regarding printing.

If you're looking for opinions on a good photo printer, I recommend visiting


MasterC 01-21-2004 10:57 AM

Moving to Linux - Hardware ;)


Rick485 01-21-2004 12:27 PM

My Hewet Packard Deskjet 960c printer works great with Red Hat 9 and was easy to install. I do not know how it would work with Mandrake. The 960c is being discontinued and that there are only a few left out there for sale. Red Hat 9 comes with three drivers to choose from for the 960c. The driver that is made by HP works great. In the past I used a and older version of Red Hat with a slightly different HP printer. In that case the driver written by HP worked great and the other drivers were terrible. The other drivers worked but the results were terrible.

Until recently I wrote a newsletter for a small local singles club. Each month I would print about 50 copies of the newsletter. The newsletter was in multi-column format with color photos and clipart. At times I wrote and printed the newsletter using Linux and at other times I did it while using Windows. The newsletter looked the same when printed from either Windows or Linux. The only difference that I could detect was that the text was slightly darker when when printed from Linux. It was not much of a difference either way looked equally good.

The 960c printer was hard to intall under Windows but easy to install under Linux. If I remember correctly, under Windows, HP requires that you install the software before hooking up the USB cable. I hooked up the USB cable first and ended up having to call their technical support for help. With Linux that problem did not occur.

I tried using an in cartridge refilling kit to refill my ink cartridges but with that printer the refilled cartridges did not work for more than about 1 day. In the long run the cost of owning a printer is how much it cost to refill the cartridges not what it costs to buy the printer. HP seems to have figured out how get more money out of their customers by making their ink cartridges unrefillable. For that reason the operating cost of this printer is somewhat high.

I am not sure if this is what you mean by a photo printer. I have never actually tried using it to print ultra high quality photos on photographic paper. It would probably do the job well but I can not say for sure. I did recently notice one slight defect when I recently printed aPDF from with xpdf. One line got cut of the bottom of that form. Fortunately it was an unimportant comment at the bottom of the page, so I went ahead and used the form anyway. I probably should not have mentioned this printer because it is being discontinued and is now hard to find.

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