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scoobdoobery 09-06-2004 12:25 AM

Radeon FGLRX Drivers and 2.6.* Kernel
Howdy, I was wondering how to put myself through some hell so I decided that I would try to get my radeon 9800 fully supported (hardware acceleration). However, I noted on ATI's website (FAQ) that support for the 2.6 kernel is still under development hence no drivers are supposed to be available; rather, the drivers are only supposed to work for the 2.4 kernel variety. This is a problem for me as both distros I'm using (Gentoo and Yoper) are using the 2.6 kernel and I don't really want to revert. Does anyone out there (preferably with some experience with this task) know if you can work around this issue and actually get hardware acceleration with the 2.6 kernel? I just want to know if I should even try this.


hw-tph 09-06-2004 05:47 AM

Hardware acceleration works with the 2.6 kernels, I think ATI is just covering up in the case people have problems with it (and people do!). TIt has worked very well for me. ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge ati-drivers ati-drivers-extra will download and install the latest drivers in Gentoo. Make a backup of your xorg.conf or XF86Config(-4) and run fglrxconfig to configure X to use the ati drivers.

You will need to have the AGP support for your motherboard's chipset in the kernel, else you'll need to use the internal AGP support in the driver and that is quite sketchy with some motherboards.


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