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Big Bang Hank 04-01-2004 06:38 AM

Radeon 7500 Mobility

I have a compaq n610c laptop running Fedora Core 1, the laptop has a Radeon 7500 mobility 32meg graphics card, I was wondering if there was a way to get the tv-out (s-video) to work??????

hamish 04-01-2004 08:58 AM


Have you found a driver for the Mobility Radeon 7500? I am having alook now, but I couldn't find one when I looked about a month ago.


JaseP 04-01-2004 10:05 AM

The 7500 must use the open source drivers. I don't think they support the S-video out. I could be wrong here, but I don't think so.

ealm 04-27-2004 03:44 AM

The Linux drivers for these cards support neither TV-Out nor 3D.
Unfortunately it's nothing to do sitting with a laptop... This is for sure the last product I ever buy from ATI!

RCAS 04-27-2004 12:39 PM

I have a mobility radeon 7500 on my laptop and use it for 3D, play Quake 3 and UT (ut sometimes crash but due to XServer, not using 4.4 yet).

TV-Out support is not good but it works, with some tweaks, using a tool called ati-tvout, or something like that, don't remember the name now. It comes with SuSE and Mandrake.

My ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 (64 MB) worked ok with the following Distros:
Mandrake 9.1
Mandrake 9.2
Mandrake 10.0 Community Edition
Mandrake 10.0 Official Edition
SuSE 9.0

Only had to append to /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file (not sure about the name, but is is the config file in this dir for XFree86) something in the monitor configuration: Create a new Sub Section and put Depth "8" Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480" and close the Sub Section , do it for all the Depths.

For correct syntax (not sure, not at home) check: man XF86Config

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