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slinky2004 08-28-2005 08:29 PM

questions about slackware device names?
i was just wondering: why dont my ethernet cards show up in /dev? i can turn them on with ifconfig, but eth0, etc. arent in /dev. also, i have a thumb drive and for some reason i have to use device sda1 to mount it, isnt that supposed to be for scsi drives?

TheGiantPotato 08-29-2005 04:22 AM

Good question. I don't think this is a Slackware issue, though. Its a broader question I'm sure applies to me as well (Fedora Core 4). My thumbdrive appears the same. Doesn't matter to me in the slightest since it also ops up on my desktop and I'm lazy enough to just use it that way... :-)

I was just reading about this somewhere else, though... and an extremely well-versed user assured me that every device connected appears in /dev, thuogh just not always in obvious ways.

I'm sure he's right, but it appears to me the same way on my system as it is on yours. I just don't know enough to know what I'm looking for, I guess. I need to read a /dev tutorial or something to find out more.

but again... I'm lazy... so I don't care until some bad thing related to /dev shows up and bites me in the booty and forces me to learn about it...

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