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blubz 11-16-2004 06:54 PM

Question about DRI for S3 savage (twister)
I am trying to install the DRI for my laptop's savage video card.

So first I search around here and I found this thread ....
... that is exactly what I need.

But DRI still doesn't work for me, and reading some documentation (here and on dri.sourceforge site) I wondered 2 thinks :

- Official DRI documentation often deals with XFree86 server. Is the Xorg project fully compatible/working with DRI ?

- The DRI docs from explains installation with CVS's XFree, mesa, drm... etc.. and looking into the last Xorg 6.8 source archives I found all of this. Are this included packages just ok for DRi, or should I download new packages from CVS ?
- Do I need to fully recompile the Mesa libs included into Xorg ? (installing xorg from sources installs me all the libGLs..... so and don't really know what to do.. and if it's good)

thnx for any answers and help

/bin/bash 11-19-2004 11:20 AM

Yes S3/VIA Savage DRI works with Xorg or XFree86.

If you read that whole thread you posted above you will find a quick install method in Post #40. You should try that method first as it is really easy to do.

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