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|Tormentor| 05-29-2004 07:43 PM

Query about ATI Radeon installation in Mandrake 10
Hi all. I am a linux noobie (2 days) and hope one of you experts can help me. I have just installed the DRI and ATI driver for my radeon 9600 card and followed numerous guides to set it up, and after logging out and back in, I get the expected info from fglrxinfo (ATI technologies etc) and 3d acceleration works fine.

However everytime after rebooting the machine, the output from fglrxinfo returns to Mesa, until i log out and back in again, where it then returns to ATI and allows hardware 3d support again.

What do I need to do to so that I can get the correct ATI settings to start on boot, without having to log out and in again to get it functioning ?

I am using Mandrake 10 with 2.6.x kernel. I don't know if you will need to view any of the config files but If you do, let me know which ones because I have no idea what to include :-)

Hope you can help a lost linux newbie, trying to escape windows oppression


robby_ing 06-25-2004 03:30 AM

Try this
First of all : welcome in the community! I'm sure you'll like Linux more then any other OS you have ever tried!

I suggest you to uninstal all the Mesa support that is now installed. I mean that in Mandrake there are some packages providing 3D acceleration support with the Mesa libraries (the names all contain "Mesa" and "3D"), using the ATI module you don't need them at all! They just creat conflict!
If you uninstal them probably there will be no more problem.
ATTENTION: do not delete ALL the Mesa packages, some are needed by standard applications!
Good luck and ... the Penguin be with you!


kilkenny 07-01-2004 04:13 AM

i think the reply above ist correct...

the ati support page says about removing:

Remove existing OpenGL software BEFORE installing ATI drivers

1. Ensure that no 3D OpenGL programs are running

2. Remove the existing libGL installation using the following command:

rpm -e --nodeps XFree86-Mesa-libGL

(You need the --nodeps option because some screen savers, qt-3, and some parts of XFree86 might depend on libGL. Installing the ATI package afterwards will restore these dependencies.)

3. Reinstall the ATI Proprietary Linux driver

rpm -Uh <ati_package_name>.rpm

kevinatkins 07-01-2004 04:33 AM

hi there..

i have a nasty feeling that the current ati driver binaries will not work with the 2.6 kernel - sorry to break the bad news..

i believe that 2.6 drivers are under development.

the linux ati drivers are quite difficult to install at the best of times, so i'd definitely recommend that you perhaps consult ati themselves to confirm, otherwise you might end up going around in circles tearing your hair out!

enjoy linux and the community - it's fun!

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