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ramesh6056 02-11-2008 05:05 AM

PXA255 stepping...
Hi all...

Can anyone explain me what is stepping in the pxa255 processor...
?? here are some comments from my bootloader code...
Workaround for early termination of SDRAM autorefresh on exit from
;; processor's sleep state in B1 stepping of XPA250/210. (sighting 27004)
;; Need first forced refresh within 8 usec.

Notes: - MMU assumed to be inactive at this time, so use physical addresses
;; - Eboot didn't boot on A1 stepping without the leading exclusion,
;; so the core code must be restricted to B1 only.

ramesh6056 02-11-2008 08:12 AM

Hi all, i got the answer..

processor stepping is nothing but the revision of the processor..
First release may have some bugs, and they fix the bugs and then they bring the second release with different stepping number...

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