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angrypants 12-29-2004 07:08 PM

pvr-250 suse9.1 install prob corrupt system
I am running suse9.1 pro fresh install it has a 2.6 kenel and i have a brand new pvr-250 tv card that I am trying to install. I have read all of the install instructions I could possibly find and have had no luck at all getting this thing working. Every time i try to install the drivers for this card a lot of things seem to get corrupt and it gives me a lot of failed messages when I try to boot the system. Every single time I try to install this thing no matter what version of drivers I use it breaks my system and it's driving me nuts.
What is the best driver version to use on my set up and if I need to patch anything what patches o I need and how to I apply them?

For the most part I have done about the same thing every time while trying to install the drivers and have had no luck.

extract the driver archive
run the firmware extraction utility
copy all .h files from utilities to the driver directory cp ../utilities/*.h .
make install

it seems to install the drivers and then just breaks the system. If anyone has had any similar problems and knows a work around please let me know or guide me in the right direction.

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