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marozsas 04-06-2009 08:24 AM

problems with Suspend, hibernate, and switch user
Hi !

I am having problems in a new machine with Suspend, Hibernate, and switch user.
I suspect it has to do with my Radeon 3850 card.

              |  driver fglrx    |    driver fglrx    |  driver ATI
              |  with 3D effects |  without 3D effects |   
Suspend      |    problem      |      problem        |    problem
Hibernate    |    problem      |        ok          |      ok
Switch User  |    problem      |      problem        |    problem

The problem with suspend is it no go to suspend. It looks like it is going to but is reboots at end, not staying in suspend mode;
And it fails to load the system. i got just a black screen and can't access the machine even by the network.

The problem with hibernate is it power down the machine as expected, but when it is turned on again, it loads the system but I got a black screen at end. I known the machine it is working, because I can get in by the network and I can see all process was left before hibernate running as expect. Just the screen is black, no matter if I shutdown the X server and restart it before that (telinit 3/telinit 5).

The problem with switch user (both Gnome icon and screen saver unlock screen) is I got a black screen just after selecting the switch user icon or button.

3D, when enabled, is working well: 3D games and applications (celestia) are working, 3D effects (gnome-compiz) are working too.

For theses tests I reset the cpu/fsb clocks to their defaults.

My new machine is AMD 64 bits and a motherboard from Foxconn A6VMX. It is running Fedora 10 64bits up to date, using the rpmfusion-free repo for fglrx drivers.

I was not able to find a specialized ATI linux forum. Do you known any one ?

If anyone in this forum could help me, giving hints or pointing a ATI/linux forum I appreciate.


Drigo 03-29-2010 09:55 AM

Hey...I have the same problems as you. did you find a solution?

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