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Ryan_moure 07-22-2004 02:35 PM

problems installing Brother MFC 4800 printer FC2
Hi I'm I'm step beyond a newbie, but I need help with something that might seem rather basic
I have a Brother MFC 4800 printer attached via paralel port to my dual boot Windows XP Fedora core 2 system. The drivers aren't present on the distro so I went out and got lucky finding drivers at http ://
I tried the instructions found at
http ://
I ran into trouble with resetting my line printer daemon as I have never messed with it before and It wasn't in /etc/init.d/
in fact I did a search with Konqueror and couldn't find any files apart from the dirrectory loaded by the rpm file and the spooler I couldn't find an lpr command or file either.
I guess I'm asking where should I start researching to get this working?
I've been trying to use the gui for printing and don't know where to go to try to set it up from command line or set up the gui to use the filter the was extracted.
I guess I need a further place to start.


Ryan_moure 07-23-2004 02:30 AM

i thought I gave enough info
I thought I gave enough info I guess if no response in a couple of days I'll have to strugle with it on my own or give up and use my old appolo inkjet


J.W. 07-23-2004 04:05 AM

Three comments:

1. Welcome to LQ, Ryan_moure
2. Have you checked out LinuxPrinting? It is an excellent resource for info regarding printing under Linux.
3. Please be patient in terms of responses - your original post was created only about 12 hours prior to your second post, and although it can be frustrating to not get an immediate response, it's also important to realize that there are 24 time zones around the globe and that a.) the people who have seen your post so far might not have meaningful advice to offer, and b.) the people who may be offer advice might not have seen your post yet. Give it some time, and if after at least 24 or 48 hours a thread does not receive any responses, it's acceptable to bump it.

In any event good luck with it -- J.W.

Ryan_moure 07-23-2004 06:41 PM

thank you I'll research there.
I'm sorry for giving up so soon. I'm just used to dealing with groups that are centralized in the US for Windows and and I forgot this was international.


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