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_HB_ 06-24-2004 06:57 AM

problems communication on ttyS0

Can anyone help me?
I have an application that needs to communicate with a serial device over ttyS0. When testing it it seems that something's wrong with the communication. I analysed the data over the serial line with a tool called comwatch.
Data is sent from the Linux-PC to the serial device correctly but when the serial device replies the linux pc does behave strange. The linux PC (ttyS0) does send ( 'echo' ) the last character sent by the serial device back to the serial device.
I am pretty new in LINUX-wonderland so maybe it is some kind of setting I have to do but at this time I really don't know.

please can anyone help me?

by the way I am using Suse

Greetings and thanx,


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