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intens 06-18-2004 08:40 AM

Problem with TV-Out of ATI mach64 (atitvout)
I'm using a laptop with ATI mach64 chipset and TV-Out support.
My problem is, that I can't activate (attach) the TV when the X
server is started.
I'm using the atitvout-utility (which works in the console).
But with the X server started, atitvout just tells that "VBE calls failed" and
the TV-Out can't be activated.
I guess that this has to with the fact, that I'm using the "ati"-Driver for
and not the vesa driver.
Now the question:
Is it possible to modify the atitvout-util to make it work with the ati-driver?
Can anyone supply some infos on how the activation of the TV-out for ATI cards
works (without using the vbe-calls)?

Thanks in advance...

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