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aceroni 09-21-2004 07:05 AM

Problem with kernel 2.6 on a Dell Precision 670
Hi guys I have problem on a Dell Precision 670.

I have installed the kernel 2.6.8 using the debian Sarge net installation.
The boot hangs after loading the driver for the Real Time Clock.

The hardware configuration is a dual P4 3Ghz with a Intel ICH5 controller.
I have a SATA hard drive.
Everything works fine with the 2.4.25 kernel.

Any idea (other than using the 2.4 and forget about the 2.6)?

zbowling 11-03-2004 12:47 AM

Same here...
I had the same problem. A possible walk through and fix is on my site:

Also Debian has posted a bug report:

Hope that helps!
Zac Bowling

aceroni 11-03-2004 04:23 AM

I am currently running those machines on a 2.4.27 kernel.
I also tried to build the 2.6.8 kernel by sources but I couldn't manage
to make it works.

I have read somewhere else that disabling the ACPI makes it boot.
Did you enable the acpi in your kernel configuration?

zbowling 11-03-2004 11:21 AM

I use APCI and you have to if you want to take advantage of the hyperthreading capablity. I use the 2.6 kernel currently. I would get the latest kernel from and compile *without* the debian patches, and then after you get it to work, back it up, and try appling the patches.

Also, when you make your config, make sure you get everything you have including the scsi control that is embedded (?adaptec 9700? if memory serves me) on your board even if you don't use it (you need it for SATA since they run both SCSI and SATA on the same chip) and don't forget to select the exact processor type you have (Intel Xeon/Pentium 4) and if you have dual processors that you enable SMP. Don't forget to add support for e1000 (your intel gigE nic) and you add make sure you enable SATA support.

I love Debian and I'm an active member of the Debian community, but I don't trust the binary kernels. ;-). Most things that important seem still to critcal to let someone decided what I get and don't get in a binary kernel.

Follow the steps on my site if you need any extra help. You can skip the part about knoppix and chrooting the drive.

Also, prepare for disapointment. It make take a while until you get a good build. If you get stuck, then copy your ".config" file you are using to etheir here or to my site under the comments or email it to me at zac-(at)-zacbowling-(dot)-com. I check my email and my site more often but my RSS tool will warn me every 6 hours if you post here.

Hope that helps.

Zac Bowling
zac *dot* zacbowling *at* com

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