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warrant6767 07-01-2004 06:06 PM

Problem installing ati drivers
I'm trying to install the drivers for my radeon 9800 pro, but I keep getting an error message. I downloaded the rpm from ati's site, then ran it and got this error message:

file /usr/X11R6/lib/ from install of fglrx-4.3.0-3.9.0 conflicts with file from package libxfree86-4.3-30mdk

Anyone know what I should do?

heema 07-01-2004 09:27 PM

yeah u should type

rpm -i --force RPMNAME.rpm

here is how i installed mine

warrant6767 07-03-2004 02:19 AM

I did all that stuff, I was able to get the drivers installed and configured. But now I can't boot on to my gui. I'm just left with the console. Know how to fix this?

fax8 07-03-2004 05:14 AM


Probably you did't have a valid configuration file for your new drivers...
Just login on your sistem and run "fglrxconfig" and answer questions...

Then try with "startx" that will try to start gui...
If it fails try aswering differently...

When you are ok with your desktop use the Mandrake Sistem configurastion to restore gui login...

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