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Adan 11-30-2004 02:50 PM

Printing problem, HP LaserJet 6L, Slack 10.0
I configured my printer through cups, everything went OK, cups found the right drivers (HP LaserJet 6L Foomatic/hpijs), the test page went ok too, but if I try to print something with Abiword, OpenOffice, opera and so on they show me a screen "Printing page x" or something like that, but printer doesn't react at all and no jobs appear in cups configuration screen. I'm using kernel 2.6.9, I think I may have compiled something wrong or missed something, but I'm not sure.

P.S. if I use knoppix I can print without any problems.

Peacedog 11-30-2004 05:32 PM

I'm not sure about abiword or opera, but open office has a printer admin tool that you can use to set the printer up. You'll need to tell the program your print command. I'm guessing you'll need to do the same for abiword and opera.
good luck.

Adan 12-01-2004 12:31 PM

what could that command be?

Peacedog 12-01-2004 05:05 PM

try lp, or lpr, or lpr-cups. Have a read here.

good luck.

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