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boomklever 02-15-2007 08:22 AM

Printer problem - strange behaviour and browser crashes under Etch

I've recently switched from Ubuntu Edgy to Debian Etch and I'm experiencing some strange problems with my HP DeskJet 840C. I know well that that's a printer that's generally very well supported by most of the Linux distributions and I've never had problems with it before. I configured it first using the Gnome printer mangagement tool and again with the online CUPS interface but the results are the same. When I try to print a web page in my browser (doesn't matter which one - I've tried Iceweasel, Epiphany, Galeon and Seamonkey) it hangs and I have to kill it (the print job doesn't even get started though).
Trying to print a document in OpenOffice 2.0, the heading and the first sentence get printed in a font size that looks like 150-or-so points. Successive pages, however, come out fine.
My printer driver is the recommended Foomatic/hpijs driver.
Here are the specifications from the CUPS (v1.2.7) `Printers' page:


Description: HPDeskJet840C
Location: harlech
Make and Model: HP DeskJet 840C Foomatic/hpijs (recommended) - HPLIP 1.6.10
Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published.
Device URI: hp:/usb/DeskJet_840C?serial=HU0551S0XFKV

Has anybody got an idea how to fix that?

Thanks in advance!


amdawi 04-01-2007 05:34 PM

I have this problem too

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