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chiendarret 01-06-2013 01:59 PM

PCIE hardware for CUDA
I would be interested to upgrade my hardware to PCIE 3.0 for number crunching under CUDA (i.e, performance with games does not apply to my case; what is not improvement for games might well be improvement for CUDA computing). I wonder whether a consumer motherboard has appeared for PCIE 3.0 since my last hardware upgrade last summer. Currently, my hardware consists of:
--Gigabyte X79-UD3
-- 2 x 680-GTX
-- Intel i7-3930K
-- Antec twelve hundred

I would prefer to stay at these graphic cards and cpu. However, I am prepared to also upgrade to a larger than ATX case. Server-grade hardware is of no interest for my calculations, i.e., it does not offer any improvement on.

When coming from time to time, as a user, to these matters, it is difficult to realize if what is offered as pcie 3.0 is not 2.0.

Francesco Pietra

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