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zama 02-02-2013 02:26 AM

Password setting for IPMI in Linux
I am trying to configure IPMI in my HP ProLiant Servers. Configuration looks successful , but somewhat confused with the 'Administrator' user account .

Following are some information on IPMI in one of my server:

# ipmitool user list 2
ID Name Callin Link Auth IPMI Msg Channel Priv Limit
1 Administrator true false true ADMINISTRATOR
2 admin true false true USER
3 (Empty User) true false false NO ACCESS
4 (Empty User) true false false NO ACCESS

]# ipmitool channel getciphers ipmi 2
ID IANA Auth Alg Integrity Alg Confidentiality Alg
0 N/A none none none
1 N/A hmac_sha1 none none
2 N/A hmac_sha1 hmac_sha1_96 none
3 N/A hmac_sha1 hmac_sha1_96 aes_cbc_128

The confusion is regarding the password for Administrator Account. Do I need to set the password for Administrator account or by default if any password is Set ? For HP Servers that supports ILO , i think it comes with A random, eight-character, alphanumeric string which is printed on a little cardboard card attached to the server . Is this is the password for Administrator Account ? .

Please clarify

Thanks in Advance

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