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echoes73 07-27-2008 02:41 PM

Opensuse 11 and HP PSC 2355 Printer
I recently installed Opensuse 11 on my desktop and I have an HP PSC 2355 all in one printer. I installed HPLIP from this site but am still having some troubles. When I set up my printer I select HP from the list and then within the model list my model is not there. So I try another PSC model, the printer now works but with a few flaws. Once the document is done printing the small screen on the printer continues to say printing even though it is done (the document is not displayed in the print manager anymore either).

I know it is an Opensuse problem because this never happened within windows so it's not hardware related.

Is there anyway to get an exact driver for the printer?

billymayday 07-28-2008 07:05 AM

Have a look on They suggest the hpijs driver

mollydoggy1971 11-28-2008 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by billymayday (Post 3228546)
Have a look on They suggest the hpijs driver

I downloaded the recommended driver (although not for my specific model, the 2355...had to download the 2350 one). When installing the driver, I get the following error:
CUPS server error
There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-request-value-too-long'.
Being very new to Linux, I don't know what that means, nor how to correct the issue. Any ideas?

By the way, I'm using Ubuntu 8.10, with a networked printer. I don't know if that makes any difference, but there you go.


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