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sharkus 03-02-2007 03:52 AM

open source drivers for ati cards
I updated to SUSE 10.2 on both of my computers, but because my laptop is somewhat old, ati will not upgrade their drivers to be compatible with xorg 7.2. Is there some place that I can download open source drivers that will work with legacy ati cards? (mine is a radeon 9000) Any help finding these will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

jay73 03-02-2007 03:57 AM

The "radeon" drivers should be useful. They get installed automatically on Fedora, but I suppose they don't on Suse. My advice would be to run Sax2 and see whether you can find them - I'm almost sure they are there).

nightshade_1977 03-15-2007 11:06 AM

I was just wondering if you found the answer to this issue. I am currently having the same problem with my laptop Suse 10.2 on Dell Latitude D600 with ATI Radeon 9000 graphics card. I installed the Drivers from ATI site and can no longer boot to KDE I only get a command line.

I'm not trying to hijack this thread just hoping that you might have found the answer somewhere else and just not posted it here

sharkus 03-16-2007 02:52 AM

yeah, after a lot of pain and suffering I found out that you cannot use the ati drivers for suse 10.2. This is because suse has xorg 7.2 and ati hates linux so they won't update their drivers to work with 7.2. In order to fix your card, I believe you have to go into your xorg.conf file and change the driver from "fglrx" to "radeon".

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