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jhwilliams 06-13-2007 05:33 PM

nVidia proprietary drivers - different code for different cards?
I am using the nVidia proprietary drivers. Assuming both are the same version,

To what extent does the code differ for various lines of cards:
6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, the Quadro's, etc?

At work I am running a [Quadro FX 1300], and at home I run a [GeForce 6600]. The Quadro FX 1300 seems to stress the CPU much less, although the performance visually is about the same.

Of course, since no one can see this code, I'm only asking what you may have heard from nVidia, through the grapevine, etc.

vtel57 06-13-2007 10:59 PM

What you download from Nvidia (based on the card you choose at the time of download) is not actually a driver, per se. It's a kernel module compiler script that you run to build kernel modules that are custom to your kernel and hardware. This is the reason that you can use that same script on many different cards with many different kernels.

Just about everything you'll ever want to know about the Nvidia drivers for Linux can be found HERE.

Have FUN! :)

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