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Kdiver58 05-29-2003 01:09 PM

NVIDIA Predator MX440 8X AGP - Linux shutdown during install
I had everything Linux wise going well and I just had to mess it all up . I was running Linux mandrake 9.1 decided to change over to RH 9.0 as it's the only Distro that I could get my onboard LAN to work with . At the same time I changed my graphic card to a MAD DOG NVIDIA Predator MX440 8X AGP . I now get about half way through the first disk . It then goes to text and says installation ened unexpectly and the last text says it's okay to reboot. But the same thing just happens again. I know RH will run on this machine as I have been swapping back and forth . Any ideas on how I can get RH installed ? It has to be the video card but it works fine through most of the inital install. As the text goes by in says GeForce 4 (generic)
so it's seeing it .
Asus a7n8x AMD 2500+
1 gig samsung memory
WD 40 gig hard drive
Linux RH 9.0
NVIDIA Predator MX440 8X AGP

NVIDIA Predator MX440 8X AGP:confused: :confused:

Thoreau 05-30-2003 12:40 AM

Your chipset isn't supported with commodity kernels yet, and the NIC card seems to be the worst off. If all else is working, they seem to suggest using another nic card as it seems to have issues no matter the OS.

Reading below, you will understand why mandrake works better. it uses the more recent kernel/patches in its release. Redhat is more conservative in it kernel releases.

From: Alan (
"Re: NForce Chipset support in which kernels?"

> Was considering the purchase of a Asus A7N266-VM AA with the following
> chipsets. What kernel is needed to support all features? (onboard
> video/audio/nic)?

AGP isnt supported
IDE is vaguely supported as of 2.4.21pre
Audio is partially supported (no audio accelerator)
NIC is not supported (no docs)

Its very much a 'winputer'

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