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discala 01-04-2007 03:55 AM

Nvidia graphics card
I am after a new graphics card (Nvidia only - ATI sucks :P) that is capable of the following with ease ;

- tv out
- dual monitors (beryl)
- nice fps

Any suggestions? Im currently using the mighty Ubuntu ;)

b0uncer 01-04-2007 04:37 AM

You're asking for too much, if you want it with ease ;) ATI cards can well do that too, with the same effort.

ATI cards don't suck, it's only a grief that the drivers are a bit difficult to install, but usually don't take long to get working. I've found out the same problems do exist with nVidia's and all other cards, not just ATI. It's easy to find an nVidia card that does not work in Linux, just as easy as finding an ATI one or of any other manufacturers.

I suggest you buy a relatively new, but not the very newest, since then you'll probably have the greatest chances of having a card that already has a driver support for Linux plus some real power compared to nowaday's computers and demands.

discala 01-04-2007 04:45 AM

I know they don't suck im just causing a little trouble amongst the ranks ;) before someone suggested an ATI as an alternative :P.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

leadazide 01-04-2007 04:59 AM


Originally Posted by discala
- dual monitors (beryl)

ATI cards can't do that. Their drivers don't support the needed GLX extension (unless you're using the free driver, but its performance sucks). And by the way you're staying on a safer side by buying NVidia. NVidia recent drivers support every card from GeforceFX to Geforce 8800, and the performance is also way better. ATI drivers do work, but actually not much more than that, while NVidia drivers work very well.

I would recommend you to buy some of the Geforce 7x00 series, but also with 6x00 series you should be fine. Which one you should buy depends on your wallet and on your exact demands: the cards with a lower second digit in their model, i.e. 7300 or 6200 are low-end cards, do not score good performance in modern games, but should be fine for older games and OpenGL toys like Beryl. If you plan to play more GFX intensive games like Quake 4 then I'd advise you to buy a 7600 or even a 7800. Also there're tons of reviews on the net, just google a bit and you'll find them.

discala 01-04-2007 05:05 AM

Thanks for the advice b0uncer i'll look into them :) I am currently using an Nvidia FX5200 <== haha cheap i know. I thought i'd treat myself you see.

drboka 01-04-2007 05:13 AM

How to install drivers for 7300gs on Ubuntu 6.06

digitaldivider667 01-04-2007 08:30 AM

let me just chime in that I would highly recommend BFG tech's 7600GT. you can find it on newegg for a decent price and occasionally they have nice mail-in rebates on it. Good performance, modern card, and it's not as bad on the wallet as the bleeding edge cards are.

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